Youth Commission Application 2021-2022

Youth Commission Application


Home Address




List in order of importance to you up to five school, volunteer, religious, social, athletic or other activities or
organizations in which you participated during the last 2 years.


Leadership Responsibility/Involvement

Grade in School


Letters of Recommendation

The Youth Commission requires TWO (2) letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should be from an elected official, your principal/headmaster, guidance, counselor, teacher, a coach, and/or community leader.

If you already have your letters of recommendation attach them here.
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Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
If you do not have your letters of recommendation available now, you may enter two email addresses below. These should be the email addresses of the two individuals who will be providing your letters of recommendation. They will be sent an email that will have instructions on how to provide the letter to the Office of the Youth Commission.

Leave this blank if you uploaded your letters already or you plan to bring them in person.

Letters of Recommendation are REQUIRED. If you chose the email option please follow up with your chosen individuals to make sure the letters are sent. If you have not spoken to anyone yet about letters of recommendation please do so and bring your letters with you for the interview.


Dear Parent/Legal Guardian:

By applying for The Clayton County Youth Commission, your child is making a commitment to take part in
an outstanding leadership development and youth service program. This form is to verify that you are aware of
the attendance policy & program requirements. Upon selection to participate on The Clayton County Youth
, students are expected to attend all program activities. Please sign & return this form with the
application. The above dates & requirements are further detailed on the enclosed information sheet which you
may keep as a reference. You are responsible for reading them in full before signing this permission form.

Information provided on this application form will be reviewed in confidence. All applicants selected to serve
on the Youth Commission will be notified in writing. I have read & understand the program requirements,
including the attendance policy. My son/daughter has my support & permission to participate on the 2018-19
Clayton County Youth Commission.


  • Youth Commission members must attend all specified meetings, activities, programs, and special events
    sponsored by the Office of Youth Services.
  • Youth Commission membership can be terminated in writing at any time by the Office of Youth Services
    or a Youth Commissioner.
  • If you cannot attend a meeting or event, the Office of Youth Services must be notified in writing at least
    24 hours prior to the event.
  • A combination of three (3) missed assignments and/or unexcused absences during your youth commission
    term will result in termination from the Commission. Absences due to extenuating circumstances (i.e.
    death in the family, illness) may be excused.
  • The Orientation Session is mandatory for parents and youth commission candidates. Failure to
    attend for any reason other than illness, serious accident or death in the family, will result in
    disqualification from the program. Dates will be provided in the acceptance letter

I attest that all information provided is correct. I have read and understand the Clayton County Youth
requirements, and if selected, will meet them.